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Hello friends and film enthusiasts,

The day is finally upon us, after an almost 7 year journey Older is OUT NOW internationally on Amazon Prime and Google Play in all English speaking territories (with more platforms available soon). New Zealanders and Australians have the additional option of buying the uncensored Director’s cut directly from the filmmakers (us!) on Vimeo, which is the best and most direct way to support us.

However with the release of the film comes new challenges as we now move into a purely organic marketing and
promotional campaign to help it reach the widest audience possible (and maybe even make our money back!?). But just
like creating the film, we can’t do it without you, so we are asking you to please help us get Older in front of people.

The good news is there are many quick, easy and free ways to do that. Here are six ways that you can help:
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1. watch the film
Getting the views and star ratings up will help awake the algorithm gods, if enough people are watching then it will be
promoted to the front page of Amazon and other places. So just by watching, you are helping!

All the links to watch are available here:
2. Review older on Amazon or imdb and encourage your friends to do the same! 

The more reviews we receive the greater our visibility will be on Amazon, which will lead to more reviews and even more
visibility, so it’s just a matter of getting the ball rolling! If you have an Amazon Prime account you can stream the movie for free as part of your subscription. Every star rating, every stream and every review helps. The IMDB reviews and star ratings are connected to Amazon, you don’t need an account to review on IMDB, but it will ask you to sign in with your Facebook or Google account,

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3. Interact with us on social media.

Follow the movie on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some easy methods to boost traffic:
- If you see one of our posts, like it. More likes = higher visibility on any platform.
- Add a comment, anything you say will increase the post’s visibility.
- Share the post! That way your friends will see it too.
By taking any or all of these small steps you help us expand beyond our core group of friends and followers.

4. Create your own post about the film, share the links.

Update everyone about this epic journey we’ve been on for almost 7 years!

5. Update your cover photo on Facebook.
Update your cover photo on Facebook with this promotional banner and post our linktree link in the description for people to click on:


Many of your friends will see this change, then click through and watch the film. It’s a great way to get people’s attention.

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6. Help us get press coverage

6. Help us get press coverage.
If you know any journalists or other press people who might like to review or cover the film please reach out and put them
in touch with us. We’re happy to promote the film wherever we can. No outlet is too small, we are happy to do stories in the
local paper or regional radio, we just need your help!


If you’re feeling lazy when people ask you about it just direct them to our Linktree:
which is all the links to the film in one easy to navigate place.

Thanks again for your support, we hope you are as proud of Older as we are.




Guy Pigden and Harley Neville

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