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Our Team

These are the talented minds behind the making of Older...

Guy Pigden - Writer/Director


Guy is the namesake and founder of Pigville Productions.  Originally hailing from Dunedin, Guy has been interested in movies and filmmaking since he was very young. He got his first camera at the age of 14 and with the help of friends and family, has been making movies ever since.  In 2011, Guy was granted Elevator funding from the NZFC to make his first feature length film, I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, due out in 2014. He currently resides in Auckland where he splits his time between acting, writing, directing and 2 other jobs to keep his filmmaking dream alive. Older is the culmination of Guy's goal to shoot an independent feature outside of the NZ film industry's usual style and bring something new and different to NZ filmmaking.

Harley Neville - Producer


Harley is the other (hairy-er) half of the Pigville duo. When not producing Pigville projects, Harley spends his days acting in various TV and film roles, including the lead role in feature film 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust.' Harley met Guy when they were the tender age of 13, and their friendship has led them into the TV and film industry. For Harley, that's taken him around the world as a Camera Operator and Editor. Harley's sinking his teeth into Older by being the behind-the-scenes maestro as well as acting in a supporting role as our protagonists' best friend, Henry.

Adam St. John - Director of Photography


Currently the CEO & Creative Director for Saint Media Group, which produces high quality online content, Adam comes to us from the sunny shores of Sydney. Adam first met Guy & Harley in Wellington (where they were living at the time) and since that time have gone on to collabroate on numerous projects together.  Adam's post-production diploma, broadcast TV & travel producer background gives him a wealth of experience in the field, not to mention an uncompromising eye and creative vision in his projects. Adam brings to Older unparallelled talent that means our final product is guaranteed to be visually stunning.

Julie Clark - Lead Makeup Artist & Stylist


One of Pigville's most valued friends, Julie is an accomplished and skilled makeup artist and stylist.  With qualifications in makeup, prosthetics, fashion design and hairdressing, Julie comes to every project with the ability and experience to provide an array of services as well as unmatched enthusiasm.  Julie is currently multitasking on several projects simultaneously, but always finds time to help Pigville out with our films, including working tirelessly during 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust.' She brings to Older a diverse toolkit that means our actors will be looking their very best!

Jarod Murray - 2nd Unit DoP


Jarod Murray is a cinematographer and artist based in Auckland who after completing the feature “Desired” in 2010 has gone on to work on various productions. Notably, he has shot two short films for Director Dimi Nakov: “Blindside” and “The Psychologist” which have been selected for various international festivals. Jarod met Guy in 2012 while shooting pick-up shots for Guy’s feature film “I Survived a Zombie Holocaust” and most recently filmed the promo for his next feature “Older.” He brings to the feature film expertise DSLR cinematography and grace and professionalism under any amount of pressure. 

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